Wednesday, January 03, 2007

CA Fair Plan Out of Step

At the January neighborhood meeting, J. Lopez from L.A. County Fire Department, talked about meetings that are being help between L.A. County, L.A. Co. FD, and CA FairPlan Insurance.

FairPlan conducts five-year reviews of property. Reports from residents in towns East of The Meadows reported receiving supplemental assessments that significantly increased their insurance payments. Seems FairPlan was asking residents to clear up to 300 feet around their property. This is inconsistent with the Fire Department's requirement of 150 feet.

Sure enough, at least two residents in The Meadows, received similar supplemental assessments.

J. Lopez needs to know of any other instances of this occurring as he is meeting with the above mentioned groups to get FairPlan to be consistent with the fire department's requirements. If this affects you, please contact me or J. with specific information.

I can be reached via this blog, email to or 626-791-1011

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