Friday, January 26, 2007

Meadows FireSafe Assessment Update

The Meadows FireSafe Council sent letters with return postcards in December 2006 to schedule assessments of each homeowner's property. We're identifying fire-prone vegetation and trees that will be addressed with the grant money we received from CA FireSafe Council. Any trimming or removal of trees and vegetation will only be done with the homeowner's consent.

We've heard from a couple of neighbors that the postcard was returned undeliverable. Seems it may have been damaged in the post office machinery.

We also neglected to ask for contact information, a phone number or email, to be able to schedule the appointments or ask your consent to enter your property if no one was home.

If you haven't responded yet or did respond without providing contact information, please call either Margaret Bridwell (626-798-0480) or Greg Stanton (626-791-1011) to schedule an appointment.

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