Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Solar Power Presentation?

I just attended an interesting presentation on solar power installation. 

This is a company that installs the panels for free on your house. You continue to buy power from Edison through tier two usage, but then buy power through the solar company at a fixed rate for the higher tiers and at a cost savings on your total electric bill.

If enough Meadows residents are interested, I can set up a presentation.

It looked interesting to me and a good fit for The Meadows.

Just send me an email or a reply with your contact information if interested.



Anonymous said...

Oh, I so wish this would work for me....but I looked into it before - and we are such energy savers we never leave tier two! I guess there are worse problem :) JS

Anonymous said...

I'm very, very interested in this. My electric bill is very high -- $500 a month and anything that would help this go down would be appreciated.

Welcome to The Meadows said...

Remeber to send me your contact info if interested. If you just reply as anonymous, I don't know who you are to follow up. Thanks, Greg

Frank said...

I just installed solar on my home with a company called American Solar Direct. Nothing out of pocket, they maintain and service the unit and monitor the system performance using remote monitoring. They replace higher tiered billing (that is increasing at a rate of 6% a year) with low cost, renewable energy! Fixed monthly payments, no complicated energy buy back strategies - what the system generates is yours!

Frank @ 1059 Marcheta Street