Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Car Window Smashed

This morning, a neighbor reported that a car window was smashed on Canyon Crest and a laptop was stolen from the vehicle.

As a side note, Altadena Sheriffs have been encouraging everyone to not leave valuables in your car and to make sure the car is locked even if you're at home.  There was a string of car break-ins earlier in the year in Altadena where valuable items were being stolen.


BeautifulDay said...

May I also suggest that everyone participate in an "unofficial" neighborhood watch? On my block (Rising Hill Road) I make it a point to look out of the window when I hear a car coming up/turning around or when I see an unknown car or individual in the area. The Sheriff also said that don't be afraid to call them directly to report ANYTHING suspicious...from cars to individuals.

That is the only way to keep our tight knit neighborhood safe.

Anonymous said...

I do the same thing when I hear suspicious noises outside, and I've seen my neighbor across the street take a peek as well...