Saturday, August 06, 2011

Bear Tracking

I'm adding these posts from neighbors just so everyone is aware of where our bear is.  Seems to be it is primarily on Risinghill except on trash night where its been seen on other streets.  A couple of posts have talked about how it heads down into Millard Canyon. 

Would love to post a picture if anyone gets one.

Here's one from tonight:

"On my run this evening at around 9:30PM, on Rising Hill, I unknowingly passed a residence with a bear in the front yard/driveway. After I was up the road for about ten yards, I heard the noise of some animal running, and I turned around to see a bear bolting from the residence into Millard Canyon (the portion of eastern side of Rising Hill where there are no homes). I ran a few yards futher up Rising Hill and turned back and made a few loud clapping noises, hoping to scare the bear, as I passed the open space of Millard Canyon."

"I'm constantly inspired by the natural scenery of the Meadows area."

We agree!

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MaryEllen said...

That would explain why my dogs went all hysterical at about that time - it must have been right in front of the house! Darn, I wanted to see the bear! It has been known to hang out in front of my house and eat snails that congregate on the front retaining wall, I have seen it there before. I will put out my game camera tomorrow night and see if we can get some footage.