Monday, January 10, 2011

Tree Trimming Not the MFSC Grant

The tree trimming happening in The Meadows today by the green TLC trucks was not part of the Meadows FireSafe Council grant effort. We have confirmed that it was an effort of L.A. County Public Works.

The MFSC grant effort began today on upper Risinghill and will begin tomorrow on El Prieto.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Seeing parts of the Meadows again is wonderful. My Family were one of the first families in the early 50s, my Father had our house built at 4369 El Prieto, I had so many wonderful adventures in the canyons with my Brothers and friends. As far as animals, because of conservation and such there seems to be far more wildlife than when I was a child. I read about bears?...none of those that close to the meadows back then. Wonder if there is any original people still in the Meadows from that era? My maiden name was Healy.