Thursday, January 06, 2011

MFSC Work to Resume

Starting the week of Jan 10, tree vendors will resume work identified in the 2010 Meadows FireSafe Council assessments.

Property owners who participated in the assessments and authorized the work will be contacted one to two days prior to the vendor arriving at the site.

Meadows resident, Bill Ramseyer, will lead the effort.

In some cases, where there are numerous trees to be trimmed or removed, Bill will talk with the property owner about the priority of the work.

If anyone has a concern about work scheduled at a neighbor's property, the two neighbors should have the conversation.  It is not the MFSC's role to make individual decisions for property owners.

Crews can be expected in The Meadows for several weeks.  They will resume the work starting on El Prieto and Risinghill Roads.

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