Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mountain Lion in The Meadows

From a neighbor:

Two of my neighbors on Canyon Dell Dr have had a mountain lion visit in the past week.

One visit occurred on Saturday night and it was standing right out side of their open window growling at their small dog.

The other occurred at a different neighbor's house some time early last week. It was spotted about midnight right out the back sliding glass door also stalking a little dog.

It is reportedly a very large cat. About 30-32" tall at the shoulder and about 4' long not counting the tail.

So, keep your pets close and secure because they could be on the menu. This cat seems to be targeting prey and has identified pets as an easy meal. It is not a surprise that there are so many lost house cat postings.

I heard a pack of coyotes either working on their prey or being preyed on late Sunday night - early Monday morning around 12:30am.

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