Friday, November 05, 2010

Two Updates for Sunday Re: Trail Access

On Sunday, November 7th, the fire department will be conducting extensive training exercises at the top of Risinghill Road. They will have at least 4 fire trucks/pumpers and extensive personnel. Please do not be alarmed by the activity.

Additionally, the Forest Service, CORBA, and Friends of El Prieto will be conducting trail work on El Prieto at the same time with numerous volunteers. As it is going to be extremely busy, it would be appreciated if The Meadows neighbors refrained from entering the area at the top of Risinghill Road, and the fire road leading up. The trail crews will be parking on Risinghill and El Prieto.

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Joe Shearer said...

Small black and white dog, maybe 10-12 lbs, medium length hair, looks to be in good shape.....has been hanging around the area of 4382 El Prieto the last few days. Very skittish and apparently lost. Does anybody know the owner? Can somebody take the dog?'d have to catch it......I unfortunately can't.