Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Stray Dog

This morning at about 10:30, a neighbor saw a small stray dog on the road up to the top of Risinghill. A guy coming down the hill, walking his two dogs, said the little dog was a stray, and he had seen him down on Canyon Crest a few days ago.

Small, maybe 15 pounds, floppy ears, black and white, long hair. Not the dog in the flyer neighbors received a few days ago. He didn't come back down the hill with the guy and his dogs, so maybe he went back up the hill.


smutcutter said...

I think more like 8 pounds because that little dog is the same as my Roxie. The little dog stands in my driveway and barks - then takes off. I keep trying to catch it but it runs off. Dog looks fine but I would love to find the owner!

MaryEllen said...

I've seen him a couple of times in the past few days, roaming around Risinghill. I've tried to get hold of him, but he won't let me. I haven't seen any 'lost dog' signs or posters that look like him - maybe someone dumped him? He's a cute little guy; if he doesn't have an owner, I can probably find a home for him easily if I can catch him.

Anonymous said...

Either Monday or Tues. afternoon this week, I saw this doggy come down El Prieto and up my driveway, where hikers access the canyon.

When pulling into my driveway this afternoon [s]he was nestled among some shrubbery in my backyard, adjacent to the fence leading into the canyon.

I went to Steve's Pet Shop, told them the situation, and they kindly gave me 4 free samples of dry dog food. When I returned home, the doggy skittishly bounded down the driveway, around to Cloverhill. I placed the food and water in bowls close to where I'd seen him/her earlier. I hope all goes well!

Ray said...

When I was moving from one of the El Prieto Trail restoration crews to another, this little feller met me on the trail just south of the picnic tables. I said something like, "Well, hello there," and the dog ran toward me full tilt, barking up a storm, and then veered off the trail and tumbled down the canyon wall for perhaps twenty feet. I've seen the dog often near the top of Rising Hill Road. I think that he was dumped.