Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Two Mountain Lion Alerts

Two recent mountain lion incidents:

First, in The Meadows. Last week, a mountain lion attacked and killed a Meadows neighbor's dog on the private road on Canyon Dell.

Second, from our neighbors at Chaney Trail, this post:

Date: Wednesday, November 11, 2009, 6:07 PM
Hello all, Tonight as I came home, I drove up the Chaney hill after locking the gate and passed our beloved neighbor Bonnie Callahan walking down the hill with her nose buried in her book, as usual. I rounded the corner past Bonnie and about 50 yards later came upon a large female mountain lion.

It was definitely following Bonnie. I scared it up onto the hillside, turned my car around and gave Bonnie a ride back to the gate. She safely scooted home from there.

I turned my car back around and headed back up the hill where I ran into a really nice bunch of teenagers walking down the road. I warned them about the lion and they said they heard some kits (is that the plural of mountain lion babies?) down in the canyon on the opposite side of the road. Clearly, they belonged to Mama Stalker Kitty.

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Joe Shearer said...

There' no reason to assume the cat was following the woman. Let's not overreact folks. We live in the foothills, animals will move into the areas not damaged by the fire, so it's natural if there are more sightings.