Tuesday, November 03, 2009

MFSC Tree Removal Begins Soon

The Meadows FireSafe Council begins its final phase of this year's grant work with the removal of trees as agreed to by homeowners.

Beginning this weekend for several days, MFSC members will be contacting homeowners to tape the trees that will be removed. Homeowners should check our work to make sure the correct trees are taped and that the homeowners are still in agreement with the designated trees.

Removal of the trees should begin within the next two weeks with two vendors, Steven's Trees and Gomez Tree Removal working in the neighborhood.

Due to the great response we had and the limits of the budget, the grant work is expected to only cover tree removal, not tree trimming. In cases where there are many trees to be removed on one property, the MFSC member and homeowner will agree to specific trees. Not all can be removed given the budget.

Homeowners are welcome to obtain bids from Steven's and Gomez for tree trimming as they may offer better rates while in the neighborhood. That work would be done after the grant work is completed.

Thanks for your participation in this year's fuel reduction - making The Meadows more fire-safe.

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