Wednesday, February 18, 2009

PC Tech & Consultant in The Meadows

Lots of talent in The Meadows. Here's a notice from one of our residents regarding PC services he provides:

"My name is Christopher Williams, I live on El Prieto Road, and I wanted to let the neighborhood know that competent computer support is nearby if they need it.

Most of the support work that I do includes making recommendations about hardware and/or software upgrades, installing and configuring hardware and software, removing spyware and viruses, setting up wired and wireless networks, etc.

I also providing tutoring services for Word, Excel, Powerpoint, e-mail, web browsing and research techniques, multi-media file creation and management, and a wide variety of other applications.

The majority of my clients are residential and small business customers. I'm qualified to manage larger corporate networks also.

I believe in providing excellent customer service with an absolute guarantee of satisfaction and I have great local references for anyone who needs them.

Also, having managed teams of DSL and cable high speed Internet installers in the past, I am very respectful of people's personal space and sensibilities when working in homes and offices.

My primary service area includes the San Gabriel Valley, San Fernando Valley, and Los Angeles, but I'm available to work anywhere in the greater Los Angeles area as needed. I operate on a very flexible schedule, and am willing to provide 24/7 tech support with reasonable notice."

Christopher Williams
cell (510) 773-2786

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