Saturday, February 21, 2009

Abandoned, Missing Dogs?

Hi my fellow Neighbors,

It's Day Ryan from the top of Rising Hill Road. This morning as I was walking my dog on the upper El Prieto Trail, I saw three...yes THREE dogs off leash however, no human in site. They were roaming back and forth on the trail as well as deep in the brush and still no human/owner was around.

I am sending this not as a warning, yet as a plea for assistance. I am extremely worried...not only for the dogs however, I am worried that they DO have an owner who may have hiked and could be missing/injured. Maybe I watch too much tv however, it is possible.

I called the Sheriff's department and unfortunately there was nothing that could be done. Marina (who resides near Theo) called Animal Control and they informed her that they couldn't come due to the location and suggested that the dogs be caught and they would then come. The dogs are extremely fearful so I don't know how that is going to work.

I am just asking that those of you who take your usual hikes up there, just look out for them, notice their activity and if you are able to catch them please call the Animal Control Department immediately.

The dogs are definitely not strays, two of them (Golden Lab mixes) have on a purple collar and the other a shepherd mix (brindle in color with a white tip on its tail) has no collar. They appear clean and healthy so again they are not strays and did/do belong to someone.

Thank you so much for whatever assistance you can offer!


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