Monday, February 02, 2009

More Trash Talk


Sorry to bother you with more trash talk, but we are still tweaking the list of service to be offered in the proposed trash hauling contract. There is some confusion over the issue of back yard pick up and scooter service. We will be getting clarification of what that service will be and what the proposed surcharge should be for that service. However, Public Works needs some help in determining what the proposed cost should be.

To help in that process Public Works has asked for some information from us on what we are now paying for back yard scooter service. It is not a simple question of asking the current haulers since there seems not to be a single answer. When Council was investigating the trash issue, residents reported to us many differing monthly prices, in one case two residents next door to each other with identical service from the same company reported different monthly prices.

If you currently get back yard pick up service, would you help us and let me know your current monthly or quarterly cost for that service. Also, we are particularly interested in where you live. We are trying to see if there is a price difference between the narrow foothill streets like Stonehill and Zane Grey and other areas with less challenging streets.

I, for example, currently get back yard scooter service from Allied, live on Morslay Rd. (a regular street) and my last invoice was for $156.74 for the quarter.

If you don't want to respond in public you can email me directly at esund@charter. net or 794-9609.

Thanks for your help


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