Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Stop and Smell the Sherrifs

A Meadows neighbor reminds us about the stop sign at Loma Alta and Lincoln. Here's the recap:

"I made a very slightly rolling stop on Lincoln (southbound) at Loma Alta, and was instantly jumped on by a sheriff's car who was behind me with red light and siren at Altadena Drive. I pulled over in front of the mailbox a little further down the street. Then he waved over another car who was right behind me and had done the same thing.

He took my driver license, registration, and proof of insurance. I kept my mouth totally shut, which is uncharacteristic of me. After about 10 minutes in his car, he came back, gave me my documents, and short verbal chewing out. I asked him if i was getting a ticket. He said no. I said thanks, I appreciate that.

I've seen sheriff's cars parked at that intersection on Loma Alta before, and I suppose this is a happy hunting ground for people doing exactly what I did. I'm still in first gear from the stop at Canyon Crest, so if I give a quick glance to the left on Loma Alta and don't see anybody, I just slow it down to about 1 mph, then proceed on. It was raining this morning, and I guess I didn't see him.

So here's the point of all this. Can you get a notice in the Meadows newsletter advising neighbors that the deputies are watching that intersection pretty closely, and that rolling stops are NOT tolerated? It will save us lots of tickets in the future. "

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