Saturday, May 26, 2007

Press Conference Update

On Tuesday, May 22, State Insurance Commissioner, Steve Poizner, came to The Meadows for a press conference. He highlighted the need for brush clearance and making an inventory of your possessions should you ever need to file a claim. He made his announcement then toured my house giving me pointers. We have extra copies of the house inventory manual if anyone wants one.

A couple of pointers:

  • use a digital camera or video camera to record your possessions
  • record make, model and serial numbers
  • etch an identifier into the possession to report to the sheriff in the case of burglary
  • store all information at an offsite location, like a safe deposit box or some other location.

I had the opportunity to talk to him about increasing CA Fairplan Insurance rates and the discrepancy of their requirements vs. the L.A. County Fire Dept and Forestry Department for clearance of land. Also talked about the fact that none of the major insurance companies will insure us for full coverage.

From a media perspective, it was a non-event. KABC, KMEX, and KFWB sent camera or voice-over crews. I think we were beat out by other news events happening that day.

At least Commissioner Poizner now knows about The Meadows.

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