Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Two Men Detained on Risinghill

Two men in their twenties were detained today by the Altadena Sheriffs at around noon after a neighbor reported seeing the men with weapons behind a home at the top of Risinghill on the West side of the street.

The sheriffs responded with three cars. They apprehended the men. They did have pellet guns. (The neighbor stated that one was a pistol, the other a rifle.) After talking to them, it was determined that they were residents of Risinghill.

In a follow-up conversation with Sgt. Williams of the Altadena Sheriffs, she stated that the men told the sheriffs that they were just going into the hills to practice with their pellet guns and that they lived on Risinghill. The guns were taken away from the two men and a sheriff’s car escorted them back to their house. They did have proper identification. No arrest or further questioning was done.

We are still following up on this incident as we’re still concerned about the actions the sheriffs did or did not make.

More to come.

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