Wednesday, February 07, 2007

February Meadows Meeting

Over 30 residents came for the Meadows neighborhood meeting last night. Thanks to everyone who attended. Highlights are as follows:

· Advertising in the newsletter was not generating any income and was, in fact, a cost to produce the second side of the page. Advertising has been discontinued.
· Attendees were encouraged to donate dollars to help fund the maintenance at The Meadows sign. Everyone chipped in and $104 was donated!!!!!! The resident who maintains the grounds is thrilled.
· Suggestions for guest speakers are encouraged. Just let Greg or Linda know.

Sheriff’s Presentation
Altadena Sheriff Sgt. Marsha Williams and Deputy Sam Estrada addressed the recent break-ins in the neighborhood and discussed reactivating our Neighborhood Watch program. Some points of discussion:

· The mode of operations in the Meadows' burglaries is typical of most burglaries; occurs during the day, jewelry, money, and quick sellable items are taken, entry is typically thru back doors/windows. This is typical in 80% of all burglaries.
· Since the Spring of 2006, burglaries have been the #1 crime in Altadena.
· Fingerprints and DNA are taken from crime scenes, although it was unclear if they have been obtained for the crimes here in Altadena.
· The detectives follow every possible lead and the deputies have taken every shred of evidence that may lead to suspects. This has worked well for them in the past, but it does take time.
· Everyone was encouraged to get to know their neighbors, know their typical schedules, and visitors to help dissuade thieves.
· Several residents volunteered to undergo training offered by the sheriffs to create watch patrols in which suspicious activity would be reported to the sheriffs.
· The sheriffs clarified that they can not stop all traffic at the bottom of Canyon Crest when a burglary is reported. They would have to have probable cause to do so.
· The sheriffs could not share any information in regards to the leads that are being pursued or the profile of the suspects.
· Neighborhood Watch manuals were given to all attendees and attendees were encouraged to hand them out to other neighbors not in attendance.

While there was frustration in not knowing more specifics about the investigation, all were encouraged by the turnout and the opportunity to meet neighbors.

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