Saturday, December 23, 2006

Meadows FireSafe Council Update

The Meadows, Altadena - Thirty-nine homes in the Meadows have been assessed for fire hazards as of December 19, and schedules are being prepared for further assessments to be made by J. Lopez of the L. A. County Fire Department, Forestry Division, accompanied by a member of the FireSafe Council. These assessments provide property owners with suggestions for abating fire hazards, the implementation of which might be covered, at least in part, by grants received by the FireSafe Council. The project is expected to be completed by January 31.

As of December 18, 65 postcards for indicating interest had been returned. In addition, some homes on El Prieto Road had been scheduled for assessment prior to the mailing to individual landowners.

An application for registration of the local FireSafe Council as a non-profit organization has been filed.

Quotes for insurance covering the grant and council members performing tasks relating to it have been obtained.

Progress on the Council’s Action Plan, as well as the mechanics of record-keeping, were discussed at the December meeting.

County Public Works, Lincoln Avenue Water Company and So Cal Edison are to be contacted regarding their areas of responsibility in the matter of brush clearance.

Mr. Lopez is scheduled to attend a meeting to discuss recent clearance requirements being implemented by the California Fair Plan that are not consistent with objectives of other statewide agencies.

FireSafe activities can enhance property values and hopefully decrease insurance premiums. Wendy VanDeWater stated that she has acquired home insurance from a firm other than the California Fair Plan. Anyone with similar experience is asked to call her at (626) 798-2149 to share their experience, so that others currently on the expensive Fair Plan can learn of alternate insurance providers that offer insurance at better rates..

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