Saturday, December 23, 2006

Check-cashing Store a No-Go

A flurry of emails was received by our Town Councilman, Dennis Bridwell, regarding the possible opening of a check-cashing store at Altadena and Lincoln. The concern was that Altadena has experienced a higher crime rate at locations where check-cashing and liquor stores are close in proximity.

Bridwell spoke with the property owner’s leasing representative who promised that NO check cashing store is on the slate or even being considered for the location. The owner has authorized him to meet with Bridwell to begin reviewing the project and open discussions of options for tenants for the new building. The owner stated that she has felt harassed by certain members of the community but wants to bring quality tenants to the area and its residents.

Bridwell is asking that the West Altadena community trust that he has our best interest at heart and will work diligently to acquire the best tenants for our neighborhood. He is open to suggestions any of us may have for tenants. Please understand that the owner of the property is under no obligation to the community or to the County to abide by our wishes. She has passed the County's required standards for her building. Now it is a matter of friendly and open negotiations as to what we can achieve on that corner. Feel free to contact Bridwell at

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