Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Arrow Shot into Meadows Hillside

A neighbor on Aralia, wants everyone to be aware that arrows were shot from Hahamonga and landed in his backyard hillside. Law enforcement has been notified.


Tim Snyder said...

that is a very long distance for an arrow to fly, and over a ridge even for a strong compound or cross bow the range at best is about 1000 yards, even with the best of arrows.
If it is a cross bow, bolts will be short, if it was a compound bow the arrow design is for long flight, slender carbon-fiber, light-weight and many are assembled for the archer! Either one may be identifiable to the owner. an off the shelf arrow would not travel as far as they have imperfections and slow drastically.
I suspect is was more local. if possible I would like to see the arrows and where they landed. it may help in finding the shooter.

Anonymous said...

Hello Tim,

Call me at 408-334-8098

Timothy Snyder said...

408 area code is a long distance phone call to Bay Area.
Do you have more of a local number to call or a local address I can walk to to see what was landing in your yard?