Monday, July 02, 2012

Hootie Sign Damaged Again!

Someone,again, smashed a hole in the Hootie sign again today. 

This is the second time within about 12 months.

The Hootie sign was created by a volunteer in The Meadows and repaired once already with neighborhood funds. We all think it adds charm to our entry into and our of The Meadows.

It seems circumspect that potentially the same person is causing the damage.  Can't think of why someone would want to damage the sign.

If anyone has insight, please share.

There are no funds to repair it.  If we in The Meadows want to fund that, we'll need to tak up a collection.  Please let me know if anyone is interested in heading that effort.


Shon Ben said...

I loved "Woodsy"
I guess others don't
Give a " "
I believe "Hootie" was with the Blowfish?
not the Department of Agriculture.

Anonymous said...

As the artist, yes I know it is Woodsy, but I have taken to calling him Hootie, so forgive me.

The Owl is in ICU right now and will be staging a comeback (again) sometime soon. He will be reinforced this time - so hopefully a 4th repair won't be necessary ever again! I made the Smokey sign and the Owl sign as a gift to the community and have been proud that so many Meadows neighbors have come to love these signs. It truly saddens me that one person's selfish acts can cause so much damage. I was ready to give up by not fixing the sign since it seemed inevitable that the person who thinks it is OK to throw large rocks at the signs until they are damaged will just return. But the Meadows Community loves their I felt it was worth another try to bring him back.

All I ask is that if you enjoy seeing the Woodsy Owl and the Smokey sign – realize that they came to us not from some government agency, but from a member of the community who spent their own time and money to improve the neighborhood, which is something I think all of us should do. Keep your eyes on the signs and if you see anyone attempting to damage them, please intercede! Smokey and Woodsy are endangered animals it seems! Thanks for allowing me to rant! Jane S.

John said...

Thanks Jane!
I will keep my eyes peeled for the culprit.
when I am not dodging speeders!
Maybe a new sign that says
"Slow Down and Enjoy the canyon"
This possibly is the nicest part of your drive today!
Or "follow the golden rule not my Tailgate"

Who knows you could even save the lives of a few more endangered forest creatures.

Emily said...

I loved that sign, and would be very interested in starting up a fund to repair it. Please let us know, thanks!

Joe Shearer said...

Allow me to add my thanks Jane. I enjoy those signs and am grateful to you and your husband for the effort and money you extended on our behalf. I'd be happy to contribute at any time. And I hope we catch whoever is doing it......Joe Shearer

Anonymous said...

I would donate $$ as well if a collection ensues...