Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mountain Lion Attempted Break-In

Neighbors on Risinghill reported that a large, approximately 200 lb. mountain lion, tried to break into their house to get at their house cat early this morning. 
Even with loud noises and shining a flashlight, the mountain lion was not deterred and tried several times and ways to enter the house.

After then hanging around the house, the animal eventually left the property.

The neighbor stated that the mountain lion was very large and all muscle.

A caution to keep your pets indoors and not in view of this wildlife.


Anonymous said...

Cat huh? With all the effort I wonder if it had its eye on something bigger.

Anonymous said...

Nov 12, 2013 - Mountain Lion sighted in Meadows backyard at 8pm. (near the end of Gravelia) Sub adult.. Seemed to be alone eating something then stayed in same spot alternating between crouching and then sitting, before very slowly moving over to a location where he was no longer visible.