Friday, March 23, 2012

Altadena Visioning Workshops

Starting April 4 at Loma Alta Park, Altadenans are invited to participate in one or the series of workshops planned to give Altadena residents and business owners an opportunity to talk about how they'd like to see Altadena.  What's missing in Altadena?  Have you faced obstacles in the effort to remodel your home?  What were those obstacles?  Have you had issues trying to establish a small business here?  What made it difficult or complicated the process?

During these workshops, you'll have an opportunity to talk about some of those things and make recommendations for what should be different - in the ordinance requirements that currently govern what we can do in Altadena and where.

Are there things you really like about other communities that you think might be beneficial to our community?  If so, what?

What's great about Altadena?  What can be improved? 

We have the opportunity to look at zoning regulations in Altadena and make recommendations to the County about how they should be changed, stronger or more relaxed.

These workshops are intended to gather information which will be compiled by the consultants for the County and your input is valuable. 

The flyer is also shown below and it includes information about how to get more information if you need that.  If not, please make plans to participate in one or all of these important workshops.

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