Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bobcats on Aralia

Two neighbors on Aralia reported bobcat sightings.

Thanks to Amish for the pics.

From Amish: "This bobcat got into it with a neighborhood cat this morning 9am. The neighborhood cat is a black and white cat that seems to be running quite freely in our area these days. I'm wondering whose cat this is?  Luckily, our cat was not involved....its pretty beautiful."

From Michael: "Around 10:15 this morning (Sunday), Joanie and I were having coffee when we saw a small bobcat jump over the fence from Amish's yard, wander around our our backyard and then crawl up the chain link fence and jump over to Dale's back yard. About two minutes later a second cat (larger, probably the mom) jumped Amish's fence, walked on our patio, near the BBQ, jump up our Oak tree, onto the roof of our aviary and then jumped into Dale's back yard.  Joanie was able to get a picture of the back half of the cat near the BBQ.  Pretty cool for a Sunday morning."

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MaryEllen said...

I see this bobcat frequently on the hillside behind Rising Hill. I was having a ground squirrel issue back there - not anymore! This is a 'new' bobcat, not one of the two that live locally. Make sure to haze it out of your yard so that it learns early on to stay out of yards and away from people, and teaches the cub the same.