Monday, September 26, 2011

Rambro is Back

This information was sent to the blog today.  Again, please use caution in any interactions with him and call the Sheriff:

"Rambro/The Black Robin Hood" illegal deer and bear hunter was spotted Saturday @ 10AM by a Rising Hill neighbor on the upper El Prieto trail (dressed in camo and carrying his crossbow) walking south on the trail that is located behind the homes on the upper west side of Risinghill.

Although I didn't witness this, I believe that he is now parking and getting access via El Prieto as several Risinghill residents have threatened to call the authorities every time that he comes up here.

I have attached pics of the vehicle that I personally saw him drive in last year when I told him he had to leave our area up here and followed him down the hill. HOWEVER, on Saturday I do recall a green Honda Accord driving up past our house and I never saw it come back I'm unsure if it was a legit hiker.

Pic of his truck:


L Davis said...

He was spotted around again here this morning - and parked on Sunset Ridge road. Why don't the authorities do anything about him?

lon said...

yes he does at times enter via rising hill , el prieto fire road . from there he goes up brown mnt fire road to where el prieto creek crosses road , he then goes up stream by water tank over retaining wall . ie up stream . have been numerous illegal hunting stands taken down up there etc . one year found a stealth cam , [ used by hunters ] . its a nice hike upstream there ,hint hint ,,,lonnie