Wednesday, September 07, 2011

A Nice Message from a Past Meadows Resident

This post came into the blog. Thought it was a nice note about The Meadows:

I came across your website on The Meadows. I grew up there in the 60's and 70's

I lived at the very top of El Prieto (GREAT HOUSE) on the right just before you go up the road to what used to be a Nunnery.

Memories...We were evacuated in the sixties (during the moon landing) because the hill behind us was on fire. (same hill we used to fly our kites over)

All the neighborhood kids played Indians up in the hills. It was great fun.

My parents bought a little house on Sunmore Lane in the 70's.

In the summer I worked for Charles White doing filing. They lived up the street. Nice family, I remember Mr. White was ill and never was out of his house robe. I will always LOVE The Meadows...Who knows I may buy a house up there again some day.

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Anonymous said...

It was very nice to read that! I'd love to hear more Meadows memories and maybe even see some old pictures.