Monday, July 25, 2011

Bear Aware Update

Another sighting reported to me this evening.

On this past Saturday night at 10:30, the bear entered the property of a house on the east side of Risinghill.  Sounds like the same bear - just under 200 lbs., looks young, paw to top of head about four feet.

He walked around the house and property and then headed down into Millard Canyon.

Past posts have been about the bear at Aralia and Canyon Crest on garbage night going through the cans and on the El Prieto Trail in the morning.

Suggestions for us as residents:

  • Don't push trash out until the morning of trash day.
  • Keep trash cans in a garage if you have one.
  • Freeze food garbage to eliminate the odor
  • Don't put pet food outside
Bears use their nose to find food and that's their main interest.

Any other tips I can share?

Be safe. Be bear aware.

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