Monday, May 23, 2011

Reminder: Drought Tolerant Plants Presentation Tuesday Night

The Meadows Fire Safe Council is hosting an informational workshop on fire resistant and drought tolerant plantings.

This free event will be held at Loma Alta Park on May 24 at 7pm.

There will be speakers and informational materials available. Everyone is welcome, and refreshments will be provided.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if the chain–link fence(s) in our backyards can replaced with a deck? It's not a drought–tolerant idea, but it's much nicer...


Welcome to The Meadows said...

Wooden decks aren't the best idea as they can be fuel for a fire. You can check out fire-resistant materials to build a deck, although I've heard they're more expensive.

The general rule is to keep fire-prone materials 30 feet from the house.

Hope that helps,
Greg Stanton

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Greg. I'll check them out. Realistically though, I don't know what I can afford. I may have to stick with wood. My house is about 23 feet from the edge my yard on one side, and over thirty feet from the other side. I see a couple of homes with decks composed of wood down the street, but I don't know how big their yards are. I'll check out the alternative materials. I have a wood fence on the side of my house that was already here when I moved in...