Wednesday, May 11, 2011

L.A. County Fire Inspections and MFSC Update

Two items today regarding fuel reduction (brush clearance):

L.A. County Fire is now in charge of inspections in all of The Meadows.  They have been inspecting over the past few weeks and some neighbors have been given notice that fuel reduction (brush clearance, tree trimming, etc.) needs to be completed by June 1.  After June 1, they will revisit the properties.  If the required work is not done, neighbors could then be subject to a fine.

The 2010-2011 Meadows FireSafe Council grant work addressed many of the tree trimming issues for those neighbors who participated.  Hopefully, not many neighbors will be sighted.  Please note that funds allocated to tree trimming and removal have been used in there entirety.

MFSC funds for fuel reduction to clear the vacant lands are on there way.  Hopefully, we'll have that work started before June 1.  The areas to be addressed are the same as in years past: vacant land above and below Risinghill and above upper Canyon Crest.

The last effort of the MFSC will be the trimming of certain Oak trees if permitted by L.A. County Fire and as the remaining grant monies allow.  Those assessments will resume over the Summer with the trimming to be done in the Fall.  That will conclude the efforts of the 2010-2011 grant.

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