Sunday, January 17, 2010

Proposed Altadena Farmer's Market Needs Response

From L.A. County Parks and Rec:

The Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation (Altadena District) will be proposing to start a farmer's market at our Charles White Park. Charles White was chosen because it is the most vendor friendly area out of the three Altadena Parks. We initially intended to start the market in February, however due to time and weather . . . we may push it back to March or April. This would actually give our staff time to address any issues, ideas, and concerns from the community

We would like to invite the community of Altadena to express any issues, ideas, and concerns that they may have. Among issues that have been brought up are:

1) The best time/day of the week to have the market. It was deemed that for both Saturday and Sunday, we would be hard pressed to get vendors. Those days are the busiest for them. There are no vendors that work Mondays. The normal farmer's market is four (4)hours and are usually run from either 10am to 2pm or 4pm to 7pm. But the hours can change.

2) Traffic and parking issues along Ventura and Mountain View. This is an issue that would should be of interest to residents that live along these streets (between N.Lincoln and Fair Oaks).

3) Security issues. During the time that the market is run, we are proposing to have a park police/Altadena sheriff's prescence.
4) Keeping it local. We intend to have vendors that sell mostly fresh and/or organic produce. The second group would be prepared foods (somewhat like S.Pasadenas) and then the vendors that may sell non-edibles (jewelry, oils/soaps, clothing, etc.). We will look at local vendors first and give them priority consideration.

These are just a few of the items that the county would like to address with the community. However, we would like to hear from the community any additonal opinions, issues, ideas, and concerns by e-mailing us at

We thank you for your time, consideration, assistance, input and continued community support.

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Gene. Stevenson, MSW, ACSW, MBA said...

We would like to FIRST see effort made to erect a piece of public art that commemorates the ledgendary achievements of Altadena's own Charles White, an artist of international reknown. This is an action that is long overdue and has resulted in the public being misinformed re. which Charles White the park is named after. We understand that some believe that it is named after a former USC football player of the same name. This is a real tragedy and a disservice to both our Charles White, our legendary artist, and the public's understanding of the purpose of the park's being so named.

Public art, first, truly honoring Charles White; then, perhaps, a farmers' market ( aren’t Super King and King Ranch markets sufficient). On the other hand, why not a community arts center. That's a more worthy cause for seeking public input and support.
Our children and youth need an institution in this community that can help them develop their talents, creativity and ability to contribute same to the world. With due respect to farmer’s markets (I managed development of the first FM in the Pasadena/Altadena area (Villa-Parke Farmers Market), that’s something that a farmer’s market cannot provide. Remember who the park was named after why he was noteworthy.

Gene Stevenson
The Altadena Arts Council