Saturday, May 09, 2009

Lincoln and Altadena Construction Update

Here's an update on the construction project at Lincoln and Altadena:

The contractor failed to build the project in conformance with the approved plans and this resulted in a structural problem with the foundation of the building. Despite notices to remedy the problem, the contractor kept going with the construction. B&S issued a stop notice and suspended all inspections.

The developer then fired the original architect and engineer and hired a new design team. It took the new design team several submittals before they were able to develop a plan that mitigated the foundation problems. This resulted in about an 18 month delay in the project.

In addition, the contractor built the border walls on the north side of the development higher than approved by DRP, so a revised planning approval was also required.

The applicant has secured revised planning approval and the revised structural plans were approved about 3 weeks ago. We have re-commenced inspections and there should be no further delays.

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