Friday, April 03, 2009

Tombstone Rock Vandalized

Unknown parties did some excavation around and under Tombstone Rock, on the Owen Brown Trail near the slide area, on or about March 30, for purposes unknown.

A large boulder that used to lie in front of "Tombstone Rock" was removed, and extensive digging, with tools, was done as if in an effort to undermine the huge monolith.

The stone, estimated to weigh nearly two tons, has been dubbed "Tombstone Rock" because it looks like an almost perfectly symmetrical tombstone with a gable-like top. It tumbled down onto the trail during the Northridge Earthquake fifteen years ago. It is located on unpatented National Forest land.

On or about the weekend of March 28-29, two young men were seen hiking up the trail with shovels. When asked "what was up," they replied, "snake protection!" That may sound suspicious, but there's no hard evidence to link them to the vandalism.

Ray Backes

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