Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Altadena Business Open House May 15

Mark your calendar for Fri., May 15, as the North Lake Ave.
> Business District holds its first Open House, 4-9 PM.
> Businesses on and around Lake Ave. in Altadena will be open, and there
> will be food, music, art, and other activities available for the
> family.
> The open house is the brainchild of the newly-formed Altadena Arts
> Coalition, a local arts and business group spearheaded by Ben McGinty
> (Gallery at the End of the World), Lance Anderson (Altadena Junction),
> Molly Tierney (Photography by Walt) and "Jeff the Chef" Klein (Coffee
> Gallery).
> McGinty said that the idea for the open house "morphed out of" a map
> he found of Altadena businesses in the 50's-60's, published by the
> Altadena Chamber of Commerce. To mark the open house, the coalition
> will also release a map of today's local Lake Ave.-area businesses.
> McGinty, who has operated his gallery in Altadena since 1994, said
> that the whole point of the evening was "about awareness. It's not
> about sales, it's about people getting excited about what we've got
> here." McGinty said he has walked up and down Lake Ave. from Altadena
> Dr. to New York Dr., talking to each business to try to get some
> buy-in.
> Among the activities already booked include an art opening at the
> Coffee Gallery, an antique car show at Ronnie's Automotive, "Spring
> Fever" at the Gallery at the End of the World," 20-minute portrait
> painting at Altadena Junction, and an exhibit of emerging
> photographers at Walt's.
> McGinty said that the vision was an evening with "hundreds of people
> walking the street, meeting their business neighbors, realizing that
> (Altadenans) don't have to leave their back yard -- just a chance to
> come out and find what's in the community."
> Anderson said that future Open Houses were being planned, including
> one to coincide with the annual lighting of Christmas Tree Lane.

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