Sunday, February 03, 2008

Incident at the top of Risinghill

This was submitted by our neighbor at the top of Risinghill Road:

"I thought you and the community should be alerted to the following: My tenant, Marina, told me today of an incident outside her bedroom window a month or two ago. It was in the evening. She heard a rustling outside her window. Not to alert the “peepers” that she suspected they were there, she talked to her dog and said “let’s go in the kitchen and get something to eat”, left the bedroom to pretend to go to the kitchen but instead turned on the bright outside lights and ran outside to see 4 twenty something white guys run off and jump into a white car parked on the pull out at the top of the Risinghill Rd. and drive away. Marina got a great view of the car, called the sheriff who came up within 2 minutes with 4 patrol cars, took Marina’s report, went down into the Meadows and found the car and arrested the 4 young men. Three cheers for gutsy Marina! That is the same pull out where 3 skinheads tried to rob a fellow from the Meadows of his camera, at knife point, last summer but were “trumped” with a more impressive weapon than the skinheads had and they too were sent packing. I’m impressed with the character of our neighbors."

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