Friday, July 20, 2007

Car on Lower Canyon Crest

I contacted the owner of the car that looks like it was abandoned on lower Canyon Crest. The owner told me that he has plans to fix it up and will be working on it in the next few weeks. He also stated that the sheriffs had called him already as the car had been reported to them as possibly stolen.

Why he is choosing to use his vacant land as the place to fix a car is unknown.


Jane S. said...

Greg - as we learned from the Cicchy case up on Little Round Top - County Zoning prohibits storage of vehicles on undeveloped land. Working on a car amidst the dry brush (fuel leaks, oil leaks, spark risks, etc) is a pretty bad idea from an both environmental waste and fire risk hazard. Pursuing this with the county takes time - but we should certainly keep and eye on what sort of work he is doing on the car in our fire prone canyon.

dom said...

See the following code citation. Vehicles must be on a driveway and be operable. It's illegal to leave it on the "grass" there. I appreciate that you're speaking to the guy and hope that you'll relay this info so that we (I) don't have to contact the County Code enforcement hotline.

22.20.025 Keeping or parking of vehicles--Prohibited when.

A. A person shall not keep, store, park, maintain or otherwise permit any vehicle or any component thereof in the front yard, corner side yard or any additional area of a lot or parcel of land situated between the road and any building or structure located thereon, except that the parking of passenger vehicles including pickup trucks, other than a motor home or travel trailer, is permitted on a driveway.
B. A person shall not keep, store, park, maintain or otherwise permit an inoperative vehicle as defined in Section 22.08.220 in any residential zone. Inoperative vehicles shall be removed within 30 days from the effective date of the ordinance codified in this section.