Thursday, October 17, 2013

CERT Shake Out Oct 19

Altadena CERT is going to have a Shake Out exercise of our own, all across Altadena and unincorporated Pasadena on Saturday Oct 19 starting at about 10am.

We encourage neighborhoods to hold their own mini-shake out drills first and then participate with all of us after that.


We need members of the public who want to offer to help, act as victims, or act as "concerned public".

We also need sites in Altadena where some CERT members can go on Saturday for 15-20 minutes or so, walk around in the yard and communicate back to the Operations Center via radio.

(They will be reading from a scripted card describing what they are seeing, no one needs to do any staging or let anyone into their home unless they want to.)


Any CERTs are welcome to participate.

Employees of First Responder and Pubic Agencies are very welcome also.


Please respond to with any positive RSVPs as soon as possible.

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