Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Another Attempted Break-in Thursday, 6/10, morning

Neighbors on Risinghill reported another attempted break-in Thursday morning.

One man and two women, African-American, were seen in the backyard of a home on Risinghill.  A second man was sitting in a white late-model car, possibly a Toyota.

They left the property. When the owner returned, they found that a brick had been thrown at a back window.  It broker the outer pane, but not the inner pane.  No entry was made into the house.

We have had two other break-ins in the past few weeks.  One on Risinghill and one on Canyon Crest.

The Sheriff station was called and reports made for all incidents.

As always, if you see unusual behavior in The Meadows, call the Sheriff right away.

We need to continue to be diligent.

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