Saturday, November 10, 2012

Opposing Child Day Care at Canyon Crest and Lincoln

A request for assistance to oppose a child day care business at a home at the corner of Canyon Crest and Lincoln has been made by a neighbor on lower Canyon Crest. Glyn and LeighAnn are asking that you email them with your comments.

The County is holding a hearing on the proposal on December 4.  The public can make comments from Nov. 4 to Dec. 4.

Here's Glyn and LeighAnn's concern:

The main concern for the neighborhood is changing a residential property into a business.  The permit requested is for a 28-child child care center on the corner of Lincoln and Canyon Crest.  This will bring many additional cars daily of people dropping and picking up children on this corner in addition to employees.  As everyone in The Meadows knows, this corner can be dangerous and busy with everyone turning right and La Vina resisdences also using Lincoln as an outlet.

 This is our only outlet from our neighborhood and a business will impact our ease of driving to and from our houses on a daily basis.

My email address is


Thanks for all your help and support,

Glyn and LeighAnn Samuel

626 398 9933

3329 Canyon Crest Rd.


leigh samuel said...

This is Leigh Ann Samuel... I plan to attend the hearing on 12/4th so if you email me I will be sure to print them and present them at the hearing.
It would be great if you could also comment directly to the county. The case planner is Maral Tashjian. phone # 213-974-6435. email is
Project Number is R2006-00792
Thanks for your support!!
The owner who bought in 2006 has never lived in the house, just rented and seems to be unaware of our neighborhood traffic patterns and the fact that we live in fire zone 4.

Lee Recchia said...

Hello, I was wondering how the hearing went, and if there were any decisions made?