Sunday, October 30, 2011

Speeding and Driving Concern

Concerns over speeding and safety are not new to The Meadows.  Here's a post from a neighbor expressing concerns over recent experiences had in coming in and going out of The Meadows:

"I am EXHAUSTED of people driving erratically, dangerously, entirely too fast etc. not ONLY up in our neighborhood; but all the way down to Canyon Crest & Lincoln.

Today on a power walk down Canyon Crest (a little past the "hunting lodge" house") I was nearly rammed down by a neighbor whom I believe resides at the top of Canyon Crest (north of Rising Hill/Clover Hill).

Weeks ago when I was driving down the Canyon Crest hill (let me add I was going a little over the speed limit) I was being DANGEROUSLY tailgated by a neighbor. When I gestured for him to back off of me he continued and even attempted to pass me while an oncoming car was coming. I then got to the stop sign of Canyon Crest & Lincoln and put my head out of the window calmly asking if he realized that he was "riding me too closely" and I was then called EVERY foul name possible. Are you kidding me?

I know that even with a blog post there is a possibility that neighbors will continue to drive as if they are on at the Indy 500, the Autobahn, Worlds Wildest Police Chase Videos or being on the lam from the "law"...but MY life, my parents' lives (I have been in the car with my dad when some nut has passed him swerving an oncoming car...and this was by the cliff of Canyon Crest) my dog's life and the lives of everyone else who live up here should not be at risk; as well as the risk of the many wildlife that cross or linger on the roads.

Maybe we can suggest that people should wake a little earlier, leave on time so that they don't have to drive like bats out of hell OR rent a helicopter to get to their destination; as opposed to almost killing someone to do so. Also, cursing out a neighbor because they aren't driving as fast as they would like...really??? That is absolutely ridiculous, appalling, unacceptable and simply put IGNORANT!

I would hate to be "that one" who calls out the wrongs of other neighbors because I consider myself a "love thy neighbor" beleiver. I also really don't want to start naming names or posting car models and plate numbers...but if it continues I will! So could you PLEASE post something imploring the neighbors to cease being impatient "speed demons"."


Anonymous said...

As much as we all love walking and hiking, there are places where it is simply inappropriate do to your power walk. If there is not enough space for you to be out of traffic, you should consider finding another place to walk. There are many, many hiking trails around for just that purpose. I, for one, am sick and tired of driving along (on a road made for cars) and having to swerve dangerously into the middle of the road to avoid someone walking in the street. And if there is enough space to walk on the side and not be in the street, then there is also enough space there to pull over and let faster traffic pass you. I have had the experience of being stuck behind someone who thinks that if the speed limit is 25, that s/he should go 20, and refuse to pull over or wave past anyone behind. If someone did that to me, and then had the gall to scold me about it at the stop sign... well, I would not respond well. at all.

Zak Berrie said...

I think there are at least two things we could do to improve traffic safety in/around the Meadows:

1) Provide a sidewalk on Canyon Crest below the Meadows. In many places there is literally nowhere to walk except on the road at a blind curve. It's dangerous.

2) Install a speed bump or two on the long stretch of Canyon Crest once it enters the Meadows. I'm always amazed at how fast people travel on this stretch.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to my world. Living on Lower Canyon Crest for +20 years now, this problem has never changed. I've seen drivers passing on the straight when the double yellow turns single dash going in excess of 50 mph. Not to mention the trash tossed and very loud music. This will never change until enough folks complain. I did and the CHP blew me off.

Harbor said...

We had the speed bumps discussion before, quite a few years back, and the consensus was that the neighborhood did not want them. As for walking on Canyon Crest - it simply isn't safe to walk there, and people need to realize that. There are many hiking trails and safe streets to walk on in the neighborhood, but, just like hiking trails are not intended for cars, some streets are not intended for pedestrians. I agree that sometimes people drive too fast, but I think pedestrians need to take some responsibility for their own safety, as well, and not walk in areas where there is no safe way to do so.

Anonymous said...

Well, since my first comment got censored, here's some more info on the grand ideas presented by Zak: 1) Be prepared for a serious battle with the County on eminent domain, as my property is right on Canyon Crest. By the way, my homestead is actually listed as a homestead, as my family has been here since 1963. Put a sidewalk on my property? Just like the trail planned at the bottom of Millard, I don't think so. 2) Speed bumps were presented 15 years ago, but the County said they would present an obstacle to firefighting equipment and ambulances. Nice try. To those in the Meadows who have issues with problems created by yourselves and dealt with here in Lower Canyon Crest; take responsibility for your own actions, and be good neighbors to those around you. Building alliances with your neighbors makes a stronger union for the good of the whole. Trying to raise property values for the profit of a real estate company will ire the neighbors and get the ACLU and NAACP involved. The problems described in this article, "Speeding and Driving Concern" has been ongoing with the residents of Lower Canyon Crest. This proves that an issue exists, created by those that live in the Meadows. Are those in the Meadows prepared to defend the accusation that the neighbors in the Meadows are preventing the use and enjoyment of the property owned by those that live on Lower Canyon Crest? Deal with your issues within your neighborhood, not on mine.

Accounting Consultant said...

Thanks for bring up the subject of a walking path along Canyon Canyon Crest below the Meadows. I'd like to see a widening of the crushed granite at certain points along the side of the road. I would prefer crushed granite or a woodchip path, rather than a concrete sidewalk. Asthetically, concrete does not appear to be appropriate for our natural surroundings.

Accounting Consultant said...

Starting with the positive, from my experience, as I run or walk along Canyon Crest, most Meadows drivers pass me with a safe buffer.

Let us all remember that we are blessed to live in this wonderful natural setting. Let's continue that relaxed attitude when we get behind the wheel. And let's put the trash into the can, not out the window on Canyon Crest.

Thank you

BeautifulDay said...

Dear Anonymous:

I have lived in the upper Meadows over 40yrs and am well aware of every single trail that is accessible to me; and I have the prerogative to choose a different route of walking on asphalt to Loma Alta Park or to the moon if I chose's that simple.

The only place that I find "simply inappropriate to do my power walk" AND/OR walk my dog would be smack dab in the middle of the road/walking in the street. If I am walking on the side of the road...on the dirt on the lower area of Canyon Crest (I'm guessing near your domain) OR walking literally on the curb...there is AMPLE room for both vehicle and pedestrian. It's hilarious that you would suggest "pull over and let faster traffic pass you". How ridiculous of a suggestion! No, why don't you and the other "speed demons" excercise common sense and consideration of driving properly, driving the speed limit OR having patience! Stop projecting your "ancy-dooness onto others! And Really? Driving a little slower is really going to take a plethera of time away from your day???

As I mentioned before, if I am clearly driving OVER the speed limit and some idiot is riding my tail, then the "gall of a scolding" (which it wasn't) is most certainly in order...and fyi if that happens to be you one day riding my tail then just be prepared to be on the recieving end of it as well; and we can verbally battle it out. Especially when there have been recent sightings of a group of deer crossing Canyon Crest on the blind curves. I REFUSE to hit a deer (or any other wildlife) and chance killing myself because someone is in "rush mode" to get to wherever they need to go. I'll say it again, if people are driving to slow for you then rent a helicopter!

At the end of the day when I initially brought this issue to the blog I pointed out the residents of the Meadows and gave an example of how I was nearly plowed down as far as Lower Canyon Crest. So for you to chime in...NEGATIVELY I might add...makes no sense. My gripe isn't just so I can have a great day of power walking. People without vehicles who have to either walk to their destination(s) or ride public transportation live in the Meadows as well. What do you suggest that they do? Hitchhike or take the trails to get to Lincoln Ave. & Altadena Dr? For the neighbors up here who walk their children and push strollers...should they too just do it on the trails???

As a neighbor why don't you keep your negative verbal jargon to yourself and the discussing of things outside of the scope. Simply't hinder!

SIDEBAR: One last fyi...there have been MANY occasions when I have walked all of the way down to your area picking up trash AND calling the County when I spot things that have been dumped. THAT'S what neighbors EVERYONE around them!

~ Day Ryan

Anonymous said...

I see both sides of the coin here, but my concern is primarily for the animals I've seen killed, like raccoons and skunks to all the little creatures. They don't deserve to end up that way in the hands of people. Some deer have returned, and I've seen them down on Canyon Crest by Millard Canyon. If you're going to drive "speedy", then WATCH OUT for our little friends, especially those of you on motorcycles. It's not hard to look ahead. When you get to a turn, slow down! And, again, for those of you on motorcycles, stop revving your motors and disturbing the peace. Not all of us want to hear your entrance into The Meadows like Hell's Angels brining toys for tots. RELAX! If you want a speedway, try Riverside or some far–off desert.

Harbor said...

I've told Paul to stop driving the midlife-crisis-mobile like he's on the Indy 500, but it's been 20 years that he has ignored my complaints about his driving, so I don't expect much. But, if you see him being obnoxious behind the wheel, feel free to yell "Hey, your wife says stop driving like a jerk!"

MaryEllen said...

Hmm. I don't know why my comments keep coming up from Harbor; sneaky little raccoon must have hacked my Google account. But, anyway, it's MaryEllen.

Anonymous said...

The original poster admitted to speeding. I still can't understand why people would walk in the middle of ONE busy street.