Thursday, October 14, 2010

MFSC Update

The assessments of properties by The Meadows FireSafe Council and L.A. County Fire for the 2010 grant are almost complete.  We have a few more properties to assess.

We've assessed over 80 properties this year for fuel reduction, tree removal and trimming.

In some cases, we have the owner's permission to proceed.  Others who were not home at the time will receive the findings of the assessment in the mail.  Homeowners can decide whether to agree or not agree to the recommendations and will return the assessment to the MFSC.

It's expected that work will begin in the next two weeks and take about five weeks to complete.

The last effort for this grant will be a repeat of fuel reduction on the vacant land in the Spring.

We thank everyone for their enthusiastic participation in this year's efforts.

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