Thursday, August 05, 2010

KTLA in The Meadows

Here's the four episodes shot at my house this morning.  Gayle Anderson did info spots on protecting our houses and home inventories.






Anonymous said...

Greg....I have gutter guards, but I am not thrilled with the way the insert. Do you have a product name or more info on the gutter guards shown on the video? Also, it would help to share more info (brand, where to get) on the vent with baffles that they showed so all of us can look into these products. thanks Jane S.

Welcome to The Meadows said...

All products must be approved by California Building Code Chapter 7A. These products are not found at Home Depot or similar store. You have to find a distributor (like the one below).

This vendor distributes and installs all of the products I had today.

LI Metal Systems

The Gutter guards are Called Gutterfill

There area three (3) manufacturers of vents:


For Eaves, Soffits and Siding: