Monday, July 26, 2010

Altadena Graffiti Removal

From Carolyn Seitz:

Last week, Lieutenant Joe Dempsey distributed information about graffiti removal and about a new page on the Los Angeles County Sheriff's website ( with information on a "most wanted taggers" list.

The Altadena Sheriff's Station's Detectives are still requesting that you email photos of graffiti you see in Altadena to them.

To email photos and location information for the graffiti you're reporting, the email address is:

To call to report graffiti, you can call the Station number at 626 798 1131. Please understand that our station is undergoing renovation and for that reason, our calls are being routed to the Crescenta Valley Sheriff's station.

Calls may be answered by someone unfamiliar with Altadena or the want of our Gang Detectives to get the information timely, so if you can do it, photos and location info by email may work better.

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