Saturday, December 12, 2009

MFSC Tree Update

The Meadows FireSafe Council is winding down on the last phase of the grant. Tree vendors will be in the neighborhood for about five more days.

We've reached approximately 55 properties with varying degrees of tree or bush removal. To give you an idea, a day's work with one tree vendor is approximately $2000 paid for by the grant money. So, besides making ourselves more fire safe, the grant is bringing great value and savings to homeowners.

The FireSafe Council has heard many, many compliments for the volunteer work they've performed and the excellence of the tree vendors. We've heard two concerns from neighbors about the removal of trees and its impact to their specific property or the look of The Meadows in general. Overall, the positives have well outweighed the negatives.

Besides making us more fire-safe, the removal of the trees is helping indigenous trees thrive as they were fighting for sunlight or space. Several diseased trees were removed which will help to curb further infestation. And, many wonderful views of the mountains, canyons and city lights have been restored.

Postings on for free firewood has benefit ted many in the Antelope Valley. These folks have driven in to get the firewood as it is sometimes their only source of heat during the Winter. They, too, have expressed much gratitude.

Many thanks to the FireSafe Council volunteers who have put in countless hours in meetings, planning, working with the brush and tree vendors, addressing neighbors questions and coordinating all of the work.

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