Thursday, October 08, 2009

Hunter in Area - Please Use Caution

This post was sent out this morning. Please read and use caution. As stated in the post, do not approach these guys. Instead, call the Sherriff.

Chaney Trail listserve reports that there have been separate recent sightings of both the hunter known as “Rambro” a middle age, black male driving a maroon van, and another hunter, matching the following description: white male, husky build in camo-gear, with a backpack, wearing a large hunting knife.

The male wearing camo-gear was driving a white truck has been seen at other trailheads. He also had a large grey dog with him (appeared to be a pitbull, on leash) and was driving a white Chevy Silverado pick-up truck (CA lic. plate 7P29732) parked at the Sunset Ridge / Mount Wilson Fire Road trailhead (top of Chaney Trail).

A man in camo-gear, was wearing a backpack, wearing a large hunting knife got out of the truck. Image attached.

The vehicle has been seen there before by Lonnie, campground host of Millard Campground. The truck is covered with US Marine Corps decals and bumper stickers on the back window area that read: Body Piercing by the USMC (next to a human silhouette full of bullet holes) and I'll keep my guns, freedom & money...You can keep the "change".

Sheriffs and USFS have been notified.

Please do not approach! When Lonnie informed the man courteously that the Forest was closed and asked him if he'd seen all the signs. The man replied, "I've seen every F*cking one of them!" He then put his hand on his knife and Lonnie thought it wise to withdraw at that point.

If you see any vehicles where they don't belong, or suspicious persons in the burn area or on surrounding trails, particularly if they are obviously armed, please contact the Altadena Sheriffs immediately at: 626.798.1131.

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