Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wildlife Rehabilitator in The Meadows

Hi, my name is MaryEllen Schoeman and I live on Risinghill Road. I am a licensed wildlife rehabilitator and would like to let you all know what I do and how we can help each other. A wildlife rehabilitator is a person who is licensed by the Fish and Game Department to take in injured or orphaned local wild animals and rehabilitate them to be returned to the wild. My license is for mammals only, bobcats or smaller. However, I can help you get any animal or bird in need to the appropriate place for care.

Sometimes people fear that the presence of a rehabber means that there will be a flood of animals from other parts of the city released in the area – this will not happen, and is actually illegal to do. Rehabbers must release animals in the same general area that they were found, per Fish and Game guidelines. It is also not legal for us to trap or relocate animals, although I can give you advice if you have a problem with nuisance wildlife. If you have any concerns about having a wildlife rehabilitator in the area, please contact me so that we can talk about it. If there is enough interest I will be happy to host a community meeting at my home to discuss the issues.

Should you find an injured or orphaned animal, the first thing to do is observe the animal for a while to see if it really is injured or orphaned. Many animals may leave their babies alone for various amounts of time (deer especially), so an 'abandoned' baby may just be waiting for mama to return. If the mother does not return or the animal is clearly injured, the next thing to do is call me. I can be reached at 626-354-4105. I will need to ask you some questions about the animal to make a determination of what to do. If the animal is in need of care, I will come to your house to pick it up, or you can arrange to bring it to me. I can also be reached via email at Please do not bring me an animal without contacting me first.

Last but not least, we do not get paid for our efforts and all our expenses come out of our own pockets. I am always looking for cages, so if you have any unused animal cages (birdcages, aquariums, pet crates, etc.) I would appreciate it if you would consider donating them to me. Tupperware-type containers (WITH lids) from shoe box size up to large size, are also useful for caging. I also need pretty much any fabric – blankets, sheets, towels, comforters, t-shirts, etc. Stuffed toys are always welcome, for the baby animals to snuggle against, and heating pads to keep them warm and cozy.

Thanks for your time!
-- MaryEllen SchoemanEditor/Writer

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claudia said...

that's fantastic!!!!! i will surely have some things to donate