Saturday, October 18, 2008

Internet Connection Door-to-Door

Several of us have had a person cme to our door to solicit Internet upgrades and we're trying to determine if this is a legitimate AT&T employee or a scam.

In my case, the man appeared to be a legit AT&T employee who told me that the recent upgrades in the neighborhood would require me to change from my AT&T DLS service to fiber optic. He had been walking door-to-door on El Prieto prior to coming to my house.

In another case, a person came to a neighbor's house three times this week. She wasn't sure of the purpose of the solicitation as someone else at the house was home at the time. This neighbor did contact the Sheriff who did not think that AT&T was here in the neighborhood soliciting. The Sheriff said he would send additional patrol cars to our neighborhood.

Looking for any other insight from others who have had a similar experience. The Sheriff asked that we call them if the person(s) are in the neighborhood again so that they can question him/her.


Claudia barner said...

two men came to the door. the first was a slight asian man then the second was african american. the second ATT guy who came to our door said he was a neighbor who lives on risinghill rd but we didnt recognize him.

Greg Stanton said...

Sent to my email from a neighbor on Sunmore Lane:

"fyi I turned one guy away and another showed up a few nights later. Apparently almost everyone in my cul de sac switched and [two neighbors] got theirs installed. [One neighbor] said so far he is really happy, can program to record from a computer elsewhere etc"

Anonymous said...

Greg - Charlie's son (across the street from me on Risinghill) works for AT&T and is promoting this package - so the claim is legit.) I think AT&T just changed something at the box by the Meadows sign - resulting in the increased noise and this new service package. We have had a visit from someone besides Charlies son also selling this new product. jane

Anonymous said...

There are only two ATT employees that live in the meadows,Charlie's son and Joanna,the other guys are contractors and don't work for ATT,they work for a marketing company called optimized marketing.They just sign people up and offer no customer service.

Charles said...

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Charles Davis said...

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