Thursday, June 14, 2007

Incident Last Saturday at Top of Risinghill

The following was reported by a neighbor in The Meadows:

On Saturday evening about 7 pm, two 20-something Hispanic males, one with a shaved head and one with a ponytail, drinking beer, were in a parked car, a tan older model, maybe a Chevy, at the top of Risinghill Road in the gravel area at the top of the road before the curve to the right toward Theo's.

A resident was up in that area, on the trail through Cichy's property, with an expensive Nikon camera with large zoom lens, looking to take photos of birds or animals, and to meet other Meadows residents.

The two Hispanic males saw the resident with his camera. They approached him with words to the effect, "I like your camera." The resident ignored them. They repeated, "I like your camera - and I have a knife." The resident told them to show him the knife and they did. The resident was prepared and had something that trumped their knife. He told them to leave and they did.

Maybe 20 minutes the other residents met up with him and heard what happened. While still up there talking, the woman who rents Theo's front house was just leaving in her car as another car came driving up the road. She pulled out to block him and told him it was private property and that he needed to back down the hill. (I heard from another resident who was contacted by the woman that strong words were exchanged. She called the sheriffs who responded but not in time to question the driver.)

The first resident called the sheriff on Sunday at noon to report the incident with the camera and was told that someone would come their house to our house. The sheriffs did not show up and the resident is contacting them again.

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