Wednesday, April 18, 2007

MFSC Update

After having received less than a 50% return of postcards regarding fire-hazard assessments, residents were contacted door-to-door to solicit a response. Residents need to realize that these assessments are not to be confused with inspections to be conducted soon by the Forest Service, but rather are a free service of the Fire Safe Council, and residents are free to act or not act upon any advice that is given.

The formerly planned project of bringing in goats to clear brush been abandoned for this year because, due to lack of rain, there is not enough freshly grown browse to maintain the goats without supplemental feed. Instead, part of the grant money this year will be used to hire ground crews to chop up heavy brush cut down in recent years. Letters are being sent to prospective vendors for bids to do the work.

Bids have been received for a biological environmental impact study. An archeological survey is being done at the present time. Both have to be completed as a condition for further release of grant money.

Anyone having recent digital photos of their property is asked to share them with the Fire Safe Council. They can be emailed to Margaret Bridwell at

Thanks to Assistant Fire Chief E. Matt Gil, who attended the March meeting, the MFSC is now recognizing that it can be of service to other communities that are in the initial stages of starting such a council.

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